So, I've finally decided to update the Links page after 3 1/2 years. And drunk as well! I've archived the old page as a reminder of just how popular Buffy was a few years ago. However, almost every link is dead now! Just goes to show you how much interest drops away after a show totally dies. I'm trying to remember a metaphor about waiting for a train at a station that never comes, but I can't quite remember it. The point was that once a show ends, then a site devoted to it effectively ends as well. The Waystation has always been a review site, so we can pick and chose our shows. In fact, I was very concious of not getting too tied to the Buffyverse. because we could be waiting a long time for the next train heading there to arrive...

God, is this the longest Links intro ever? Do folk even bother with links now? In't it all new fangled blogs? Well, I say F**k 'em! I want a Goddamn intro for my links! Yay!

Basically, a stripped down version of the links page. I should add that most Blogs have links to other related sites. I encourage you to look at them all! Most sites will be active, with a few special cases being in the Archive list. Check 'em out. And tell 'em The Waystation sent ya!


These are sites that deal with the programmes Startrek and Battlestar Galactica They all deal with different angles on the shows. Check them out

Startrek/Battlestar Galactica/Doctor Who
  • Startrek Hypertext: Detailed summarys and probably the most popular Startrek review site on the web. Now reviewing BSG and FINALLY getting around to covering TNG.
  • Trekweb: Big site about all things 'trek and BSG.
  • TrekToday: News site about StarTrek, including lot's of links to various articles.
  • Doctor Who reviews: Big site about the good Doc. This link is to the reviews section
  • The Quiet Geek: Former Spoiler Slayer's new Blog about sci-fi TV.


Same idea as above, except a lot of these sites are more essay based, opinion pieces if you will. The creator sites are (usually) maintained by said creators. If you think comics are just about men in tights fighting one another, I urge you to take a look at these sites.

General Comic sites
  • Comic Book Resources: Big site with news and opinion pieces from quality writers every week. Permanent Damage by Steven Grant, The Basement Tapes by Matt Fraction and Joe Casey, Lying in the Gutters by Rich Johnston, One Fans Opinion by Erik Larson, Buy my Books by Robert Kirkman and Pipeline by Augie are the columns that you want to bookmark and read weekly.
  • New Comic Book Galaxy: Reviews and essays are the main feature here. It's recently been relaunched with new and old writers. Pretty Goddamn good, with ADD as the Laird.
  • The X-axis: Reviews of mainly X-men books and it's spinoffs by the Ledge, Paul O' Brien. Very funny.
  • Ninth Art: Well written articles by various writers, updated once a week.
  • Ain't it cool:News and spoilers, could really be in the TV section but I only really read A$$hole reviews.
  • 2000 A.D. Reviews:Weekly reviews of Thargs 2000ad and The Megazine.
  • Peter David - Comic book writer: PAD's Blog about, whoo, Everything.
  • Chris Allen - GBG Ledge: Chris's Blog about, whoo, Everything.
  • Daves Long Box: Daves's Blog about, whoo, Terrible comics. Very funny, the new AK (don't know who A.K. is? i'll do a link one day to his Title Bout column. But not today.)
  • FanBoy Rampage: Very funny Blog looking at Comic internet fandom - quite scary in places actually.
  • Popp'd: More comic Blog coverage.
  • Tom the Dog: Tom's Blog about, whoo, everything.
  • Savage Critic's: Very funy capsule reviews from Brian & Jeff.
  • The Johnny Bacardi Show: Johnny's Blog about, whoo, everything. And is that the coolest name for a Blog? I think so.
  • Post Modern Barney : Dorian's Blog about, whoo, everything.
  • Progressive Ruin: Mikes's Blog about, whoo, everything.
  • Double Articulation: More Comic Coverage.
  • Brill building: Ian's Blog about, whoo, everything.
  • Focused Totality: More Comic Coverage.
  • Hannibal Tabu: Han's Weekly comic reviews.
  • Newsarama: News about comics, updated frequently, but it's mainly about superheroes. Can take a while to load as well sometimes.
  • Warren Ellis: Genius who always swears and is straight talking. See his Come in Alone archived columns at Comic Book Resources above. Also, subscribe to his Bad signal E-mail letter. Good stuff.


I have no idea whether these sites are active or not. I mysteriously accumulated lots of Buffy babes sites on my travels. I was going to delete them, but it seemed a shame. Here they are then.

Various sites

  • Not actually a Babe site, but i'm including it here anyway. Basically a HUGE news database on every actor that's starred in the Buffyverse.

    Click on the Actors name for their IMDB page and the website on the right will take you to their site

  • Sarah Michelle Gellar -
  • Charisma Carpenter - Charisma-Carpenter.Com
  • Eliza Dushku - Eliza Dushku.Org
  • Emma Caulfield - Emma Caulfield.Net
  • Michelle Trachtenberg - Michelle-Trachtenberg.Com
  • Julie Benz - Julie Benz.Net
  • Robia LaMorte - Jenny Calender.De

  • Archived Sites

    These are sites devoted to shows or Actors who aren't really updating anymore.

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel
    • Peripheral Visions: Reviews of Buffy (from season 3) and Angel (all Seasons), as well as other programmes and films. It's a good site, but for the moment he ain't reviewing anything else.
    • Sunnydale Slayers: Reviews and detailed summarys of Buffy, up to near the end of Season 7. Then, nothing! You can tell the SS crew are really hating Season 7, but to follow a show for 7 years and not review the last 5 eps?! Crazy. Dunno if it will ever be finished. Big site, with fanfiction the other standout.
    • Buffy Guide: Probably the biggest Buffy site on the Web, including reviews, pics and pretty much anything you can think off. But not actually Updating recently. Mind you, what with?
    • The Sanctuary: Big site with detailed reviews of Angel. And once Angel finished they all went their seperate ways. Shame, 'cause I really liked their honesty.
    • Buffy VIP Bronze posting board archive: Cool site that collects the posts from people who work behind the scenes at Buffy, usually the writers. Last updated 2003
    • The Angel Annex: Same people who make Sunnydale Slayers, but not always up to date with it's reviews (hey, I can relate!) Never really got going this site. Nice idea, but the work load was too much, I think. They never got close too covering all the eps.

    • The Cynics Corner: Biting reviews that are funny and usually spot on in deconstructing the plot. Big man tried to make a comeback for the end of Enterprise, but it was so bad, he couldn't do it.
    • Psi Phi: Good reviews and info about the programme. This link leads to the Enterprise reviews.
    • Tim Lynch Reviews: Pretty much all Tims reviews, but the green writing can make your eyes swim. The DS9 links seem a bit dodgy. but check out here for a page listing links to usenet archiving his reviews.


    Same idea as above, they've called it a day.

    General Comic sites
    • Savant: Great site with Articles and reviews about various things relating to how the comics industry can save itself. Tried to reinvent itself with a terrible design and then retired. Left the building so quickly, they never even changed the front page. I LOVED Savant back in the day, not least because they published one of my essays (Harry Potter - check it out!), but gradually you could see the interest wane. This link leads to the archives page. Scroll down to the bottom and start on the early, better issues.
    • Grant Morrison: Another genius who is sometimes on the edge of surreal, but usually writes great fiction. But doesn't really update his site.
    • Title Bout: For a year, A.K. looked at comics coming out every week. And it was the funniest thing you've ever seen. He can sometimes be found at Pop culture bored.