Last Updated: 03 March 2002


These are sites that deal with the programmes Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and Startrek. They all deal with different angles on the shows. Some do reviews, others focus on an actress, some are fanfiction, etc. Check them out

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel
  • Psyche Transcripts and Fanfiction: Great site if you miss an episode or want to know what happens in new ones.
  • Peripheral Visions: Reviews of Buffy and Angel, as well as other programmes and films.
  • Sunnydale Slayers: Reviews and detailed summarys of Buffy. Big site, with fanfiction the other standout.
  • Buffy Guide: Probably the biggest Buffy site on the Web, including reviews, pics and pretty much anything you can think off.
  • The Sanctuary: Big site with detailed reviews of Angel.
  • Huge site about Sarah Michelle Gellar, with pictures and news.
  • Buffy VIP Bronze posting board archive: Cool site that collects the posts from people who work behind the scenes at Buffy, usually the writers.
  • The Angel Annex: Same people who make Sunnydale Slayers, but not always up to date with it's reviews (hey, I can relate!)

  • Startrek Hypertext: Detailed summarys and probably the most popular Startrek review site on the web.
  • The Cynics Corner: Biting reviews that are funny and usually spot on in deconstructing the plot.
  • Trekweb: Big site about all things 'trek. This link leads to the Enterprise part of the site.
  • Psi Phi: Good reviews and info about the programme. This link leads to the Enterprise reviews.
  • TrekToday: News site about StarTrek, including lot's of links to various articles.
  • Delta Blues: Incredibly detailed summarys of Voyager episodes and fanfiction. This link leads to the Enterprise part of the site.


Same idea as above, except a lot of these sites are more essay based, opinion pieces if you will. The creator sites are (usually) maintained by said creators. If you think comics are just about men in tights fighting one another, I urge you to take a look at these sites.

General Comic sites
  • Comic Book Resources: Big site with news and opinion pieces from quality writers every week. Permanent Damage by Steven Grant, Poplife by Matt Fraction and Pipeline by Augie are the columns that you want to bookmark and read weekly.
  • Comic Book Galaxy: Reviews and essays are the main feature here. Not as big as it was (in it's height there was at least 12 weekly columns), this is run solely now by Alan David Doane, but it's updated regular and is highly enjoyable.
  • The X-axis: Reviews of mainly X-men books and it's spinoffs. Very funny at times.
  • Ninth Art: Well written articles by various writers, updated twice a week.
  • Savant: Great site with Articles and reviews about various things relating to how the comics industry can save itself. Updated bi-weekly.
  • Popimage: Good site with articles and interviews. Should be updated bi-weekly, but doesn't always make the deadline.
  • All the Rage: Rumour and gossip, updated weekly. Very entertaining if you know the names of people behind the scenes.
  • Newsarama: News about comics, updated frequently, but it's mainly about superheroes. Can take a while to load as well sometimes.
  • Warren Ellis: Genius who always swears and is straight talking. See his Come in Alone columns at Comic Book Resources above.
  • Grant Morrison: Another genius who is sometimes on the edge of surreal, but usually writes great fiction.
  • Grayhaven: Same idea as the 'Galaxy used to be, with various writers.

Friends and Affiliates (or people who have linked to my site)

These are kind souls who have put a link to my site on their site and I am returning the favour. The 'nets a big place, so it's nice to be able to direct visitors to other sites with the same interests.

Various sites
  • The Asylum: My friend Mel's site, containing her poetry and pics.
  • Steven Foys Site: Another pal who's a DJ. I built him a site in exchange for Metal Gear Solid. He's supposed to be writing stuff for it, but I wouldn't hold your breath. Check it out anyway and get the hit counter clocked up a bit.
  • Buffy Search: Huge Links database, containing thousands of links to Buffy/Angel sites.
  • Slay-UK: Good buffy/Angel site, UK based.
  • Slayers On-line: Links database, same idea as the one above.
  • The Chosen One's Links Page: Cool site covering various sci-fi shows as well as Buffy
  • Buffista Links: Great site with cool links
  • ACS Connection: An ambitous site about Angel, Charmed and Buffy


Exactly what it says. Various sites i've stumbled on and bookmarked that don't fit into the above criteria.

Various sites
  • Gamesfaq: Really cool site featuring thousands of text solutions to every game you can think of. If you're stuck or need a guide, go here.
  • Google: It amazes me how many people haven't heard of this search engine. It's the best on the net & gives you access to all the newsgroups. 'Nuff said.