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Drop me a line | Season One Archives Sunday Aug 14, 2005
  Lost Reviews, Vol #1 Issue #1-2

1.1 - 1.2: Pilot

Winner of Hottest Character Week 1 & 2 - Kate

So, is this it? Is this the successor to Buffy? I thought Smallville might have been it, but the reset button cripples that show. The O.C. certainly has the humour, but that balance of soap opera/drama/comedy is hard to maintain and it fell hard in season 2. Which brings us to Lost, the next big thing.

Initial impressions are very good. The beautiful setting of the ocean and beach is a refreshing change to the Canadian forests and reused sets. It seems to have taken a leaf out of 24's book with cliffhanger endings and an overreaching story arc. And it's slick. Very slick.

In the now legendary Waystation reviewing fashion, I'll look at the characters and anything that doesn't get covered, I'll add in at the end.

Jack - He's clearly the lead and the hero of the show. Reminds me a bit of Luke Owen actually. During the episodes we find out he's a doctor, maybe has a drink problem (?) and knows a little bit about planes and radio's. The writers will need to watch he doesn't become a superman ("Jack, you know anything about building a boat for 48 people and sailing round the world? You do, great!"), but I have faith. I think he's also the only person to interact with all the other characters.

I loved the trip to the plane and that strange creature in the forest. What the hell is it? It sound's like a T-rex the way it roars and shake's the trees. My moneys on a wild elephant.

In the second episode, he's cleverly sidelined to give the other characters room to breathe and it's all done smoothly and logically.

Kate - Probably being lined up as a love interest for Jack, she's actually the most interesting character right now. We first meet her sewing up Jack and accompanying him to the plane. The only downside of that entire sequence was the 5 second fear speech. It didn't sound natural and I suspect they just thought it was a nice idea to link the 2 characters closer together.

Rather incredibly, she goes back into the forest with another group to try and get the radio working. This is where me meet the Polar bear(!) that Sawyer kills. Now, I hope the writers know where they're going with this. How the fuck does a polar bear get on a desert island? It gives the whole series a dream like quality, but I suppose as long as the answers are satisfactory, it's okay.

We then get the flashback and find out Kate is a criminal, and the handcuffs belonged to her. Even more intense, the guy Jack is operating on is her US Marshall. The flashbacks are an interesting idea as it does answer some questions posed by the opening episode, but I'm not sure I want to see 48 flashbacks. As long as they're relevant. So far stat fans, we've had Jack, Kate and Charlie. Getting back to the Criminal angle, it does throw new light on her motivations. Does she really want to be rescued? Will she sabotage any efforts? Is that why she's so keen on going on these trips? All will be revealed. Speaking of which, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the gratuitous bikini scene. Nice.

Charlie - Certainly the funniest character, he's actually got a bit of depth due to his drug taking. Loved the fact that he went on the first mission to get his stash and on the second because he was out his tit's and horny. Course, once the drugs run out, we'll have to see how he fairs. He's also the only actor I recognise out the cast, from the Rings of course

Right, I'm getting tired. Lets rush through the rest of the cast shall we?

Shannon/Michael - The brother/sister team. A lot of fighting going on here. A bit too much maybe. They've got a secret. They ended up on the 2nd mission by accident almost, though Shannon did translate the French message. Mick just whines all the time. In fact, so does Shazzers but she looks hot and wore a bikini so I'll let it slide.

Sayid/Sawyer - these 2 are already at each others throats. Sayid is too obvious to be a bad guy because of his nationality, unless they pull a double bluff. Sawyer is shady and an asshole. He's defo got a past. The whole deal with the radio was strange actually. I mean, a message from 16 years ago saying someone killed them all? Is this time travel? A secret island facility? Lot's of questions for a pilot.

Walt/Michael/John - estranged father and son team. All right, but not the most exciting plot. I liked the way the dog was explained as being Walt's (Vincent I think he's called). The kid was also talking to crazy John (I think that's his name), currently the favourite to be a serial killer.

Jin/Sun - Chinese (?) couple who don't speak English and the Husband is VERY overpowering. Nice little bit of defiance as Sun undid her top button. Jin is so much of an asshole that I hope Sun is actually shady herself. Otherwise he's got no where to go.

Hurley/Claire - I'm putting these 2 together because they helped each other in episode 1, but beyond that, they've had no contact. Claire's preggers, seems nice but dull. Hurley's hilarious, I loved his talk with Jin about refusing to eat the sea food. I genuinely do wonder if he'll lose weight or they'll just ignore it?

Alright, is that everybody? I've probably missed someone out, but I'll catch them on the next episode. OK, awards time. Here at Waystation central, we used to give out awards every episode. Then we stopped. Now it's back:

Hottest Character - Toss up between Kate & Shannon really. I'm going with Kate this week for the wet Bikini. Yowzer!

Dumbest Character - Shannon, mainly because she went on a dangerous mission to piss her bro off, was convinced she would be rescued despite all the evidence against it and forgetting she knew French? I mean, how do forget that you know a language?

Funniest Character - Close call between Charlie & Hurley, but Hurley gets it. The fainting scene was great.

Character that really needs more to do - Michael, Walts father, has really done nothing except upset his son. You need more story son.

Best bit - The opening scene of the crash was superb.

Worst bit - Shannon & Mike arguing and whining - that could get very annoying.

Alright, that's a wrap. I'll give part 1 5/5 and part 2 4/5 for a combined total of…4.5/5! However, we don't do decimal's here, so let's round it up to 5/5. Very impressive.

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Fanzone - Genuine comments from various message boards

Fan 1: 'not 5 star (pacing is a little too off) but definitely worth valuable time if just for the total "WTF" factor. Though not sure anyone on the entire flight noticed the hot chick in the handcuffs the entire time. Well, maybe they're dead. That and the dude getting sucked out of the airplane = my favourite moment of Lost megaviolence this week.'

Fan 2: 'Yo kiddies, just finished watching Lost. Sorry, I have only a vcr and i record Smallville (season opener was great but this Kryp/Tuck episode looks lame as shit). Anyway, Lost has me hooked. As for my theories: 1) i don't think the island is a purgatory mainly because JJ is known for realistic/non-supernatural/techno stuff and i'm leaning more towards a Land of the Lost/alternate dimension/wormhole theme here; 2) creepy old guy may be responsible for the crash/wormhole/time disruption; 3) the show will evolve by revealing more plane crash survivors, will focus more on their origins and secrets; 4) Oz narrator kidnapped his own son; 5) Sayeed (Iraqi soldier guy) was plotting to blow up the plane or do a hijacker thing thus revealing ignorant redneck guy to actually be right on his suspicions; 6) monster is not some grim repaer deus ex machina but really a monster/ T-Rex dinosaur (the black lady says it sounds familar probably because there are several monsters on the island, one of which was the evolutionary ancestor for something in our own times); 7) the polar bear might have been on the plane already, the dog survived the crash, why not other animals, or again, the wormhole is sucking in other creatures and people from different time areas like the Bermuda Triangle (how long before we see WWII airplanes and such?) ;8) season finale will be an expedition to try and get off the island and it will be revealed that the island is much bigger than they thought, and these mysterious storms are keeping them there, and they will find that lone surviving French woman gone feral. I agree with Herc, this is one hell of a show and has nothing but promise. Hopefully ABC will keep it running, expand it beyond two seasons, introducing more character development (they have more than 40 characters to develop for god's sake!), a schism among the survivors, how the plane crashed and what caused it, and what the hell is going on the island. Looking to see more Lost! '

Fan 3: 'First I just wanted to say that I think nobody mentioned the scene where the bald dude says to the kid, "want to hear a secret?" Yet we still don't know what that secret is. Anyway, some people here have it right, that the show needs to have an overall plot that could potentially carry it for, say, four or five seasons. So let's say the first season's all about the island's introduction, then leading into them sending a crew out on a makeshift raft to find help, with a big reveal at season close (which undoubtedly reveals in some way that they cannot leave or at least nobody is coming for them and simply rafting away won't work). The 2nd season would then entail lots of rivalries, people starting to go nuts or dying from the harsh environment. More monster attacks and then let's end off the season with the discovery of more survivors from yet another crash. Oh and as far as the "monster" goes, I have to say it sure sounds a lot more like machinery than anything else to me. OK, enough yammering...'

Fan 4: 'Ways LOST can go: 1. Grounded in reality Lord of the Flies scenario. No supernatural stuff, just people trying to survive, isolated from civilization as some become more savage than others. The "monster/enemy" could be some natives or some "lost world" type animal species. 2. Modern "Land of the Lost" for grownups. Giant monsters, different dimension, lizard people like the Sleestak, etc. 3. X-Files type monster of the week show -- the survivors all have a secret, paranormal stuff keeps happening, an over-arching mythology starts to develop and more questions are raised as new questins are answered. 4. Alias type show with plot twists and turns every week, with government/military intrique. THe survivors are just pawns in a decades old experiment. 5. They're all dead and this is hell or purgatory. 6. It's all about the kid and his dog -- they have a psychic link and all the crazy stuff we see are manifestations of their imaginations. '

Fan 5: 'I didnt see her being the prisoner.......dupped me! Can I have her end up in her undies every week! Shes so hot!'

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