Emergency Lost Season 1 Capsule Reviews

Okay, very quick explanation of why thereís been no new Lost reviews. I donít have the time. Wish I did, but I donít. So from now on, itís very short capsule reviews, until the Season Finale. Iím tempted to just put the reviews on hiatus, but Iíve started, so Iíll finish. Apologies.

7. The Moth - Charlie episode. Quite entertaining and the flashback to his driveshaft dayís was good fun. Yeah, liked this one. - 3/5

8. Confidence Man - Sawyer episode. The twist at the end was nice and Sawyer is a good character. Just seemed a little flat too me. Not bad. - 3/5

9. Solitary - Sayid episode. Very good episode as we learn more about Sayidís past. The French woman stuff wasnít bad either, but the flashback was brill. - 4/5

10. Raised by Another - Claire episode. I donít like Claire. She has possibly the most annoying scream in TV history. And the whole Omen angle theyíre going with regarding her baby? The fuck?! Bizarre, and an episode I very nearly skipped. - 2/5

11. All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues - Jack episode. How cool is that episode title? I like Jack and his flashback with his father was good. A lot of running around in this one, but well executed. - 4/5

12.Whatever the Case May Be - Kate episode. I dunno about Kate. I used to quite like her, but her flashbacks are always infuriating. They kind of reveal stuff, but never the actually answers. Nice play on words with episode title though. Iíll give it an extra point for Kate in her underwear - 3/5

13. Hearts and Minds - Boone episode. I love Locke. This is about Boone, but Locke basically brainwashes him. Booneís alright, but a bit bland. His flashback didnít seem surprising to me. Was it not obvious there was summit going on between him and his sis?. Alright I guess. - 3/5

14. Special - Michael episode - good episode. We get to learn about Mike and the polar bear is back. But the whole Ď Walt is evilí thing? Donít we already have a supernatural Omen story running? Dave Fury is the man and the Bear seals it. - 4/5

15. Homecoming - Charlie episode - bit boring this, but Charlieís always good fun. Claireís back (yawn) and they kill Ethan. Filler. - 2/5

16. Outlaws - Sawyer episode - Very good, and a bit more like the Sawyer Flashback I wanted to see previous. The twist was fairly obvious, but it played out well. Even Kate was likeable and I liked the tie in with Jacks dad. - 4/5


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