Buffy/Angel Virtual Seasons

Buffy/Angel virtual Seasons

Buffy/Angel Virtual Seasons - Last updated Aug 2005

    Now, as we all know, Buffy came to a close with Season 7 and Angel unfortunately got cancelled at the end of Season 5. However, some brave souls on the internet have decided to continue the adventures of the scooby gang and have created a Virtual Season's to continue the story! These mostly take the form of Shooting scripts or short storys. The following links take you to the various episode guides. As different sites are creating their own Season's, they have all taken different directions to continue the storys so you have various possible 'futures'. As you can imagine, this sounds like a lot of hard work so there's no guarantee that these 'seasons' will have series finales, but these sites are the most professional and seem the most likely to actually get to the finish line. I will add new sites as they spring up and though they aren't all my cup of tea, you have to admire their ambition. I've also included links to actor IMDB page, fansites and comic reviews of Joss Whedons X-men comics.

  • Wikipedia Virtual seasons: Want to know what the hell i'm talking about? Read this.
  • Buffy.nu: Not actually a Virtual season site, but i'm including it here anyway. Basically a HUGE news database on every actor that's starred in the Buffyverse.
  • The X-axis: Reviews from the legendary Paul O'Brien. Note that Joss is writing the 3rd series, not the dodgy 2nd series.

    Click on the Actors name for their IMDB page and the website on the right will take you to their site

  • Sarah Michelle Gellar - SMGfan.com
  • Charisma Carpenter - Charisma-Carpenter.Com
  • Eliza Dushku - Eliza Dushku.Org
  • Emma Caulfield - Emma Caulfield.Net
  • Michelle Trachtenberg - Michelle-Trachtenberg.Com
  • Julie Benz - Julie Benz.Net
  • Robia LaMorte - Jenny Calender.De

  • Phoenix Virtual Television: A site devoted to various Virtual seasons
  • Angel No Limits (Angel Season 6):Slick Looking and an interesting premise. Basically, what would happen if Angel had went to Showtime? Novel Format.
  • Buffy World forum: a forum with various Seasons. I've not had a chance to read any yet, so you takes yer chances if you read them.
  • The Chosen (Buffy Season 8 & 9): Good looking site that have just finished Season 8 (congrats!) and are going for a Season 9. Wish them luck. Story format
  • Virtual Slayer.tk (Buffy Season 8/9 & Angel Season 6): Good site that limits it's seasons to 12 episodes. In script format, but rather annoying site design make it cumbersome to read the scripts. What's wrong with having the episodes on a seperate page? Still, worthy of your attention and the only site so far going for the double of Angel & Buffy
  • Virtual Season Eight: One of the few sites to tell their episodes in narrative form, this suprisingly doesn't have the gang going to Cleveland (so far), plus Kennedy has been punted.
  • The Watchers Council: Told in novelisation mode as well, this has the gang moving to Cleveland to set up a new Watchers council. A spin off I guess, and surprisingly no Buffy!
  • Buffy Season 8: The gang have moved to Bear River for a fresh start. Script format and amusingly real fake 'interviews' with the cast. And Congratulations are in order as The Buffy Season 8 site has crossed the finishing line! 22 'episodes' in the can.

    Missing in action

  • Legends Never Die (Angel Season 6): Early days for this Angel site. but it's very professional looking. Script format. Seems to have vanished into the ether.



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