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4.5: Supersymmetry

Campaign for old Cordy look: Week 2

Some quick thoughts:

I'll confess that the whole 'Fred as a hardened killer persona' didn't really seem all that credible to me. She was understandably angry and emotional, but I don't buy her turning into a psycho. However, Gunn being the one to kill him really through me and I liked the way he saved him just to off the guy himself, saving Fred the difficult choice she would have had to make.

Still think Connor's annoying and his crush on Cordy is just way too icky for me. Good to see Wes joining in with the gang again and Lorne still floating about. Good closing line from Cordy asking Angel if they were in love. Where's that one gonna go?

Nice to see Gunn getting more time on screen and being given some depth - call it 3/5

David McNulty

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Fanzone - Genuine comments from various message boards

Fan 1: 'Angel is really ďnotĒ knocking my socks off right now. Iím sure many of you Fanboys like anything that shows a little of Cordyís breast or a crack of Fredís botty but I want more substance. Aside from scenes of Wesley/Liyla and the episode with Gwen Raiden, Angel has been boring this year. Iíll still watch because Angel usually delivers a good second half. Iím just not inspired with it now. Next week looks promising even though it appears to be a remake of Tabula Rasa. I guess Iím just sick of seeing St. Cordy the Champion. She just seems so out of character. It would be different if the writers actually developed her character to this point. When did she develop those fighting skills? Where did she get all this wisdom? Sheís a cross between Buffy and Giles now. When did she become such a Champion? Why do they keep saying ďchampionĒ every episode? If I hear it again Iím going to hurl. ***Enough of the bad. What was good? Wesley and Liyla of course. If she turns into his stalker, he is in BIG trouble. Liyla doesnít appear to be the most stable block on the yard. Wesley should know better not to give her the cold shoulder. And although the dialogue was boring this episode, I love the way Ats gives all its characters separate lives away from Angel. Buffy needs to take a page out of that book. The problem with BtVS is that everything revolves around how Buffy feels or thinks about things. Wesley, Gunn, Fred and Cordy are allowed to have capsulated experiences that donít effect Angel at all. The Fred and Gunn scene at the end was a perfect example of that. Angel was on the sideline and Fred and Gunn shared a moment. This will make the characters so much more interesting when they all come back together in group episodes.'

Fan 2: '...I do agree with you whole heartidly that if they went that route with Connor and Angel, I'd start hurling rather quickly. However, I don't think they will. While I do think some sort of reconcilliation is innevitable (and, quite honestly, necassary) I don't necassarily see it coming for a while. Case in point - look where Wes has come - In she, Cordy comments on how groveling isn't just an art, but a way of life for him - now a days, he is screwing the enemy, running his own crew, and at the very least gives Ripper a run for his money (here is an idea - have Wesley confront his dad - not saying it has to end lovey dovey, but definate possiblities with that confrontation). Given thats what can happen to Wes, well, how about something that big for Connor. Here are my thoughts (spoilers ahead)- The biggest question of how and when the reconciliation is going to take will depend on how long Angel will stay Angelus - if he stays Angelus for only a few eps, it won't have any real impact, other than driving Connor further away from his father. If however, they keep Angelus around for more than 4 eps, my suspicion is Connor will start hunting him with an increadible single mindedness - It'd be a bit like Angel vs Darla/Druscilla from S2, but intensified. In the process, Connor gets help from, guess who - Wolfram and Heart. Ultamatly, Angelus goes away (either some magic, or else, a far more interesting possiblity, Connor kills Angelus, only to have Angel resurected again - hey, the guy is way important - both sides will bring him back). So now Connor is not only convinced of his fathers pure evilness, he is also employed by W&H - Given Lilahs comments during her hostile takeover, I suspect she thinks she has a personal interest in controling Connor - might be her ticket to becoming a senior partner - knowing that, she can pit son against father for quite a while (you don't think she's not scheming enough?). If they push this far enough, we could get a reunion, but of Connor and Angelus joining forces, against the rest of Angel investigations - tell me that doesn't have a few potentials? The major point is, assuming you always keep the possiblity of reconcilliation open, but don't deliever on it for at least a few seasons, Connor can become a very interesting character - the point is, don't have him and Angel get together for at least 1 and 1/2 Seasons, if not 2.'

Fan 3: 'Angel is as good this season as it has ever been. The thing that makes it great is that it isn`t afraid to take risks with its characters, allowing them to grow and change and mature. Being that this episode was centered around Fred, look at her development since joining at the end of the second season. At first she was timid and scared...trusting Angel only because he was the one who saved her from the horrors of Pylea. She spent much of season three trying to warm up to the others, facing the terror of the maddened Wesley in that episode where he threatened her with the axe. She developped a relationship with Gunn, leading in part to Wesley`s eventual estrangement from the rest of the group. And then at the beginning of this season, we see her in control, fighting, and raising Connor like a mom. Her shocking him with the tazer was my favourite moment of the premiere. And in this ep we see the consequences of her stay in Pylea and the intensity to which her and Gunn have grown close. Of course there will be consequences from Gunn killing the professor. Did you see the guilt with which they hid from Angel when they came back to the hotel? On Angel, characters seem to be growing and evolving, sometimes in surprising ways. Sure, the Cordelia amnesia thing is silly, but you know it will grow into something interesting. Wesley certainly is more fascinating then ever. And I find the show also has a great distinctive look and fantastic editing. Give it a and you`ll see one of the best shows currently on the air.'

Fan 4: 'I've nearly abandoned this show three times now--(Angel goes extra-broody and fires the team, Darla returns, Darla returns again, with a bun in the oven), yet each of these plot moves, abundantly stupid as they seemed initially to me, turned out interesting. I'm bugged again. No problem with Copnnor returning as a teenager; Connor had to be supersized in a hurry for the same reason kids grow up extra fast in soap operas--small children are too heavy a weight for dramatic structures not built to support them. Soap operas and shows like Angel are set in grown up fantasy world, where the presence of children adds too much reality. That's not the abundantly stupid plot move I'm irritated by these days, nor even the _V: The Series_-inspired love triangle of Angel/Connor/Cordy. It's the amnesia. Remember the amnesia? Why do we get Cordy back AFTER TPTB use the MIB red flashy thing on her? Did she volunteer for this? Did she make some kind of deal with the Powers? Is this some kind of badly negotiated severance package? More intriguingly, is she still in their employ? Amnesia plotlines rarely go anywhere interesting, but Team Whedon has surprised me before. I'm still watching, but damn, AMNESIA?'

Fan 5: 'Frist off, notice a pattern at Team Whedon? "Weird" relationships with shock value that piss off other characters and/or excite/enrage fans? Think Spuffy; think Connor/Cordy; and Wes/Lilah. Connor/Cordy fits into this; it draws ATTENTION and ME NEEDS to give people a reason to watch Angel; watching teen Connor mack on Cordy big time is not only weird and funny ... it gets NOTICED ... which is the point I guess. It also messes up Angels head and puts Connor still at odds with him. And last ... wouldn't you RATHER have Angel/Gwen ... being that GWEN is about a billion times hotter than Cordy; and after the initial shock factor either one or both Connor/Cordy dies; OR they get exiled to chip eating status in the corner like Xander/Anya. Given the desperate straights that Angel finds himself in (Sunday nights for gods sake people ... up against Alias) I completely understand why Team Whedon goes with some shocking and attention grabbing. I wouldn't be surprised if Cordy and Connor end up doing it around Feb Sweeps.'

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