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Buffy 3.1 - "Anne": Buffy runs away to the city, but finds herself drawn back into saving people. This episode looks great, especially the other dimension with flaming vats and spooky looking demons. But there are so many loose ends it's not even funny. Who where these guys? What were they forcing people to make. Why did the doorway suddenly close up? Is there more doorways? What's to stop it opening again. I suppose you could look on the whole demon prison as a metaphor for the problems of homeless runaways, that it's simply to big for one Buffy to solve. I suppose. The Scoobys were funny as well and a nicely played ending. - 3/5

Buffy 3.2 - "Dead Mans Party": Buffys home but nobody wants to see her. Good episode, though the end scene still makes me angry. The Scoobys are well out of line attacking Buffy in front of all her 'friends'. It's made even worse by the fact that nothing was really resolved, they just forgot about it when the zombies attacked. Still, I guess they realised that mistakes had been made on both sides and everybody was feeling sore. Giles was rather funny in this, but not as funny as the explanation for the dropping of the murder charges. What the hell happened there? - 4/5

Buffy 3.3 - "Faith, Hope & Trick": There's a new Slayer in town and she's brought company. Yeah, baby, this is very cool! After wrapping up loose ends from Season 2, we can get started on this years story arc and it's a doozy. Faith is excellent and really makes you realise just how much Buffy holds back. Mr Trick is cool in a Samuel L Jackson way, but the big bad vamp isn't too scary. Very cool ending with Angel and Giles tricking Buffy into sharing her pain is excellent - 5/5

Buffy 3.4 - "Beauty and the Beasts": The return of Angel. I'm glad he's back but the main story, a thinly disguised domestic abuse story, doesn't seem to fit well. I'd rather have had more Angel. - 3/5

Buffy 3.5 - "Homecoming": Slayerfest '98? Buffy & Cordelia are forced to spend a large amount of time together. Unfortunately, they are forced into a hunted competition. A bit daft, but good fun. - 3/5

Buffy 3.6- "Band Candy": Candy starts turning adults into teenagers. Very funny episode, with Giles and Joyce having all the fun for once. Snyder is cool as well, hanging to Buffy & co. like the friend nobody wants. - 4/5

Buffy 3.7 - "Revelations": A new watcher comes to town. This is the first big story arc episode and it's great. The gang find out about Buffy and really get torn into her, especially Xander and Giles. The new watcher is suitably mad and the glove has some excellent lightning effects. Also the first Buffy/Faith fight. Good stuff. - 5/5

Buffy 3.8 - "Lovers Walk": Spikes back! Spikes always good for a laugh and he's no different here. He also sets in motion the wheels that will splinter the Scoobys for a while (albeit unintentionally). Spike wants Dru back and will do anything including a love spell. He kidnaps Willow & Xander who are caught making out by Cordy & Oz. Bad news all round. Spike also tells Buffy & Angel a few home truths, namely that they can't ever be friends. Lovers or enemies, but not friends. The final scene where Spike drives of singing 'My way' is classic. - 5/5

Buffy 3.9 - "The Wish": Parallel Universe time as Cordy makes a wish that goes bad thanks to Anya. These storys are always fun and this is no exception. Seeing some of the Scoobys as vamps is cool. Xander isn't too different, but Willow is very evil and sexy. Buffy isn't really all that different either despite her scar, but really, this is just a fun romp in fan fiction land and is good stuff. - 4/5

Buffy 3.10 - "Amends": Angel is visited by ghosts at Christmas time. Angels only real solo outing this year. It's a good idea having the first evil try to turn him, but it's all a bit vague. I would have preferred a more concrete explanation for who brought him back. Personally I think it was TPTB and they caused the snow at the end. But who knows? I've also got to say the Buffys hair looked a bit dodgy at times. I'm no expert, but I really didn't think the fringe suited her. A no-bad xmas episode - 4/5

Buffy 3.11 - "Gingerbread": Insanity and mob rule overcome Sunnydale after 2 kids are found dead. I didn't really like this. It's very preachy and though it's saying a good point, intolerance is bad, don't force you beliefs on others, etc. I already know this. It's good for kids who will learn from this but I don't like my entertainment to have a moral at the end of it. It's also the episode where Amy turns into a rat, so worth watching for that. - 2/5

Buffy 3.12 - "Helpless": It's Buffy's 18th birthday and Giles has a special treat for her. I love this episode. It's just a really good idea. The Slayer is tested without her powers and has too survive against a vampire in a locked house. Plus Giles has to weaken her without her knowing. Huge emotions going on here with betrayal, fear and ultimately love winning out. Great stuff. - 5/5

Buffy 3.13 - "The Zeppo": Xander has a strange night. Oh man, this is 2 great episodes back to back. The great thing about this is the gimmick. They've swapped the A-plot for the B-plot. It's almost a piss take of the show, though it does have consequences in the future. Buffy & Co are facing an ultimate evil - the Hellmouth. But Xander has his own troubles going on. It's really a bit like "Afterhours" a film about a guy who keeps getting involved in crazy situations. Really, really good. - 5/5

Buffy 3.14 - "Bad Girls": Faith makes a mistake. A big one. Well heres where the story arc starts to kick in. Buffy & Faith start to really live on the wild side, action without thinking. But then Faith kills a man. And doesn't really care. New watcher Wesley is also introduced. Again, good stuff. - 5/5

Buffy 3.15 - "Consequences": Faith does a runner. The fall out from the previous episode. Faith tries to kill Xander and Angel tries to cure her. Wesley tries to help her but ends up ruining everything. And at the end Buffy tries to help her, but she secretly goes to the mayor. Incredibly enough, more good stuff. (Christ, this really was a great season!)- 4/5

Buffy 3.16 - "Dopplegangland": Evil Willow from "The Wish" comes to visit. Hello, this is excellent. Joss is having a ball with the Willow vampire and seeing everyone's reactions is especially funny. Watch it. - 5/5

Buffy 3.17 - "Enemies": Angel loses his soul?! Faith turns Angel and they both go after Buffy. Good stuff this, but I don't think anyone really though Angel had lost it. But with this show you never know. It's always fun to see Angelus and it's worth watching twice to see how it's all planned out. - 4/5

Buffy 3.18 - "Earshot": Buffy can read minds. Yay! But someone wants to kill all the students. Boo! Very funny episode this, Wesley & Xander in particular. The 'serious' stuff is tagged on at the end, but doesn't feel to shoved in there. Very funny stuff. - 4/5

Buffy 3.19 - "Choices": Buffy takes the fight to the Mayor. This feels slightly like filler, but it's the small moments that count. Oz tipping over the urn, Willow staying close to Sunnydale, Faith losing her knife. All good stuff. The spiders looked a bit dodgy at times, and the mission impossible stuff is fun if a bit daft. Couldn't they just jump down and attach a rope to the box? But, good stuff. - 4/5

Buffy 3.20 - "The Prom": It's Prom night, but Buffys not having a good day. This is the start of a 3 episode cycle that pretty much wraps up the first 3 years of Buffy. And it's good. The dance is actually quite cool with great tunes. Angel deciding to leave is inevitable with his new show, but it still makes sense from a narrative point of view. Good to see Buffy being recognised as something special and the last dance with Angel. And finally, Cordy & Xander make up when he buys her the dress. Very nice. - 4/5

Buffy 3.21 - "Graduation Day Part I": Faith makes her move. Well here we go then, the big slapbang finale. The fight to the death is very cool, with Buffy donning the leathers. Angel being poisoned with the arrow is brutal and shows that Faith had crossed the Rubicon. Personal nitty gritty fighting going on here, essential since the Mayor is going to be a huge monster snake. - 5/5

Buffy 3.22 - "Graduation Day Part II": It's the end of the road for Sunnydale High as the Mayor comes to visit. This is it then. And what a way to go. Angel feeding of Buffy, a huge cast featuring just about anybody who ever had a line in Buffy over the past 3 years, the mayor turning into a huge snake, flaming arrows, axes and huge battles. All in, a great way to leave. Plus they blow up the school. Man, its (altogether now) Great Stuff!! - 5/5


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