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7.6: Him

I was quite disappointed that we didn't see the gang's reaction to Spike having a soul. Surely that's a missed opportunity. Nice to see spike moving in with Xander like Season 4, but I have my doubts that Xan would really go along with the plan.

It was quite a funny episode with lots of little things bringing back memories of the scoobies school days. Xander in particular was very funny this ep - 4/5 for now.

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'Good times' - Xander
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Fan 1: 'God, why do people slam that episode (Beer Bad), I loved it. Ending with those smug college snobs, the "future of our country," de-evolved into ape men and humping each other in the backseat of a minivan just made me laugh too hard to be a bad episode. Buffy's obsession with Parker felt petty for the character, but it was ended with that episode and in a satisfying way. ------------- Speaking of Parker, is that who the vampire was in the preview for next week? If now, have we seen that guy before? He was all vamp face so I didn't recognize him, but I don't think he was anyone from the Highschool days. Whoever he is, I expect he'll be dust before that scene is over. I wonder what purpose he serves? Making Buffy feel unsatisfied about her life's direction post high school again? Hopefully it'll be good. ------------- This episode worked well enough for me. I concur with the theory that the Scooby women were affected more strongly by the jacket because of their ties to mysticism. I still think Willow turning RJ into a girl would have been good no matter what they did with it, but I do think it was forced to have Willow hung up on his being a guy. Oz meant something, dammit! Trying to rewrite that history is as bad as homophobia in my opinion. But regardless, I like gay Willow and it provided one of the funnier moments. What I think is going to be a problem is if they don't quit with the foreplay soon. We really don't need any more filler episodes. Season 6 was slow, can't this one, since it's *probably* the last, have tons of intrigue, numerous plots, and memorable gothic characters? Screw reeling in outside viewers! If they aren't watching by now, they're shit! Let's get on with the big bad! Watchers Council! English Witches Coven! First Evil and First Slayer! I still hold out hope FE will appear as all the Big Bads simultaneously like the Buffy Legion of Doom--since we now know Amber Benson won't be back(shit). '

Fan 2: 'None of the teenagers look like teenagers on this show especially compared to the regular cast, who are all supposed to be grown up now. I mean, come on. It's so obvious that the high schoolers, with the exception of Michelle, are played by "18 or above" and not "underage and emancipated" actors. In the last high school storyline episode, was anybody really convinced that the actress who played Cassie was a teenager? She looked older than Michelle, perhaps even the same age as Sarah Michelle! Whatever happened to Russ Tamblyn's cute daughter who played Dawn's friend Janice last season? (She had a dreamish, laid-back, pot girl-ish presence about her, and was definitely underage.) I just can't buy into any of this high school malarky now since none of the "teenagers" pass off convincingly as such. It all feels like a desperate play at going back to what made this series great. But, realistically, who the fuck would want to go back to high school, especially if you're still in college or college-aged? The Scoobies have grown and gone so far, and to see them back in a high school setting is depressing, especially when the "kids" don't look all that much younger than them.'

Fan 3: 'Who would have thought a show treading water and wasting it's most define character could at least be entertaining. I will openly admit that the track ME has going with Buffy disappoints me. They are slowlyy watching their demos flee the show due to dicking around. I love back story and establishment of a season long story arc. However the demos and ratings seem to point out not everyone agrees with me on this point. I cannot figure out how the people on Angel can get to a point so early in their season. While the folks who work on Buffy take most of their season to get to a point. Someone needs to have a sit down with those people and lay down the law. Hell. All of Firefly's episodes have been shown out of order amd I have more of an idea where that show is going than Buffy (Yes I have read spoilers and understand where the show leads up to. A Giles revelation does not a direction make). This leads me to believe that the Buffy people really need to be sat down by UPN. I do not like execs laying down the law but some law needs to be layed down in this case. Especially when it comes to Spike.**********************So let me get this right. You go through 5 years of unbelievable character development on a character that started off a cool looking but lacking villian. You take that character an evolve him more than any other character on the show. Even the titular character that the show has the entire "girl empowerment" based around. You give him a reason to become souled, even if it the reason does not sit well with a lot of the viewing audience. Then, then, you completely fuck it up. The last statement alone should point to the Gilmore Girls dominance of this timeslot and the demos. They gave all this build up to Spike and have done jackshit with him outside of one episode and a funny little bit tonight. I cannot figure out what ME is trying to do with Spike. Especially within the coming weeks, it continues to cloud my enjoyment of the show. Making Spike a voiceless pikey who becomes like John Hannah for a while (hint for you Alias fans). Has to be one of the most bizarre events to happen this season. Marsters alone has had more praise in the press than I can count. Yet, he meanders around doing nothing. Brillant.****************************The Buffy division of ME need to find another word to define them outside of lacking. I have FAITH this season will turn around. I just hope it doesnt take FAITH to turn the season around.'

Fan 4: 'I'm probably the biggest proponent of the show in the last 5 years. I've sang the praises of Joss Whedon from the rooftops. I've got a variation of the Angel tattoo on MY shoulder (different initial, slightly different wingspan). I bought both DVD sets, and the OMWF soundtrack. I downloaded over 50 episodes on KaZaA, and I regularly burn the best ones onto CD to give to my non-Buffy friends to try to turn them into fans. I read the magazine. I read the fan-fic. I contemplated trying out for "Beat the Geeks" as the Buffy Geek. All in all, I've basically been in love with the show from the get-go and now, I'm ready to just shitcan the whole thing and move on. Why? Because, quite honestly, it doesn't feel like the show is moving TOWARDS anything. It's lifeless. And if THIS is what qualifies as a sweeps ep, then let me be the first to utter the words that's killed MANY a long-running series............."So, what else is on?"'

Fan 5: 'Tell me that's not going to come back and bite Buffy and/or Dawn in the ass. I liked this ep, but it's no BBB. - - - - - - - - - - I don't get why Xander is letting Spike live with him. It's not like in S4. Now Xander has memories of Buffy's AR, "Entropy", etc. There's a bunch of new reasons for him to hate Spike. - - - - - - - - - - Speaking of hating Spike, what's with Buffy still flinching at Spike's touch? She wasn't raped. She got pinned for a minute and then she kicked him off. It's perfectly understandable for her to not like Spike right now and to not want to be around him, but to flinch at his touch? She's stronger than that. The writers are milking the melodrama to keep them apart. Boo hoo. - - - - - - - - - - Dawn got sexy in this ep. And much like Xander, I felt very wrong for noticing. Heh heh. - - - - - - - - - - The split screen sequence was funny, as was the entire last act. This ep wasn't consistently funny though and was paced poorly during the middle. No real momentum. - - - - - - - - - - Regarding the Spike/angel thing, I figured it was a comment about how the path Angel took won't be the one Spike takes. Spike isn't Angel, so he turned the angel around as if to dismiss it. That's my theory anyway. - - - - - - - - - - MT was very vulnerable this episode and she made me believe that if anyone was truly in love with RJ it was Dawn. Alas, I guess it wasn't meant to be. 4/5. L8r'


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