Okay, here it is then. My final post to this site. Probably. Regular visitors will have noticed a thin sheen of dust collecting on the front page as lack of updates or general activity became more apparent. The ĎNext Updateí sign seemed yellowed with cyber sunshine as the deadline passed into history. Well, after some deliberation, Iíve decided to call it a day as far as reviewing is concerned. I may still start a blogger or possibly post new articles but yeah, reviewing is a bust now. Not that I didnít enjoy it. Earlier this year it was highly rewarding, giving me a sense of satisfaction and bringing a certain order to my life. But nowÖnow I just donít need it, quite frankly. Iím a busy guy these days and though there is always an hour to spare writing up a review in an average week, thereís no desire to do so. And to be honest, how many folk will miss my reviews? Earlier in the year, I put out a request to see if anyone was interested in my longer reviews on a weekly basis. The result? Unanimous apathy. Not one single e-mail. Not that Iím complaining. I often read web articles and reviews and never e-mail the authors. Itís just too much hassle to be honest. But yeah, I was slightly disappointed by the lack of response. Of course, if I wanted bodies commenting on my reviews Iíd just post them to a newsgroup and watch them get savaged or praised. But thatís not why I wrote them in the first place. It was simply a desire to put my opinions out there, to see if anyone would bite on the Internet. Guess I got my answer. According to the tracker, there's an average of 20 people who visit the site every day. Whether this is actual people or just programís remains unknown. But hopefully some people read my reviews and enjoyed them. Thatís really why Iím writing this farewell letter. I hate sites that just grind to a halt with no explanation. Better to call it quits and have a genuine closure that just hanging on and updating sporadically. I think my favourite review was my Season 6 review. Iím genuinely proud of that, something that I could honestly see in print. Like I said at the start, Iím probably done with reviewing. Who knows, perhaps later in the year Iíll get the bug again and pick up the cyber pen. But I canít see it. For now Iím content just to enjoy TV and read other peoples reviews. Thanks go out to anybody who ever e-mailed me regarding this site. Also to some fanny on usenet who really pissed me off with his savage opinions Ė I now know what itís like to bleed. The guyís still a fanny though. Respect to Joss Whedon etc. for trying to raise the bar on TV. Right ho, Iíll check in on the site now and again but for now goodbye, enjoy your life and Iíll see you on the other side. And if anyone feels like talking me into reversing my decision feel free to contact me. Cheers, Dave.



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