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Drop me a line | Season One Archives Sunday Aug 21, 2005
  Lost Reviews, Vol #1 Issue #3-4

1.3 - 1.4: Tabula Rasa & Walkabout

By demand, Kate in her underwear again - Week 2

Bloody Channel 4, the station showing Lost has started to show the next episode on E4. So I've actually seen 1.4 before I write the review of 1.3. This is annoying as a lot of my musings are rendered pointless because I know how things unfold in the next ep. So, for the last time (unless a 2 parter comes up), this will be a special double sized edition of The Waystation Reviews.

1.3 was a come down after the cracking pilot. Rather average and annoying flashbacks that reveal nowt. 1.4 was much better with a really good twist. Don't read the review if you don't want it spoiled.

Kate - 1.3 was devoted almost entirely to her. We got a flashback before she gets on the plane. I'm not sure I like this, but I was expecting it. It's still a cheat, but you need someway of showing stuff off the island or you're going to run into trouble fast. The problem here is that the flashback revealed nothing. We really wanted a flash-flash back to see what she is running away from. So yeah, a cheat and soured the episode slightly. 1.4 was quiet for her though it's good to see her interacting with other charcters.

Jack - Very quiet couple of episodes. Having to kill the marshall (I presume) after Sawyers cock up was a suprise. Also, the strange hallucination of the man just out of sight. His father maybe?

Locke - Brilliant episode as we learn what his secret is. He was paralysed and can amazingly walk?! Nevermind the science and muscle wastage, this whole show is off the wall so it fits in. His meeting with the monster was VERY weird. How did he survive? Sheer luck or something else. I loved his flashbacks, especially the coded phonecalls that made you think he was an ex marine, but is instead a war gaming geek. See, this is how to do a layered flashback. Answer our questions, ones we didn't even know needed answered. Quality. He's going to kill someone, i'm positive.
Kate - Still Hot

Charlie - Still sitting on the sideline's recently, but always funny when he's on. His drugtaking continues. I hope we see fallout from that.

Shannon/Boone - Annoying as hell. Thank God she's hot.

Sayid/Sawyer - These two appear a lot, but don't seem to do much. Sayid has the radio thing and sawyer just wanders around looking shifty and offending people.

Walt/Michael - I loved the fact that Locke gave Michael the dog to impress his son. Walt hasn't done much and I think Michael is starting a crush on Sun. I like Michael, but he keeps on doing dumb things, like traipsing into the forest. You've got a family, man!

Jin/Sun - Jin has done nowt. Sun's getting a bit more coverage, but why are they there?

Hurley/Claire - Hurleys hilarious, Claire ain't doing much. Nice to see her do the memorial actually now I think about it.

Rushed double reviews are rubbish. I'm sure I've forgotten a hundred things I was going to say. Ah well. 1.3 had a cheat of a flashback that ruined it. 1.4 had a cracking flashback and twist that raised it even higher. Written by ex-Buffy star Dave Fury too. Good stuff.

1.3 - star ratingstar ratingstar ratingstar ratingstar rating

1.4 - star ratingstar ratingstar ratingstar ratingstar rating

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Awards time and also a new feature. The LOST character league table! Basically, I'll award or take away points based on the awards handed out. Then at the end of the season, we can see who was essential to the show and who was not frankly.

WINNER OF THE WEEK (1 point) - Kate wins it for 1.3 as she was the focus, Locke for 1.4

LOSER OF THE WEEK (-1 point) - Michael get's it for 1.3. All he did was look for a dog and never found it anyway. Sawyer wins it for 1.4. I think all he did was argue with Hurley.

HOTTEST CHARACTER (1 point) - Kate still gets it for 1.3 and Shannon for 1.4, mainly because she deserved it for the Bikini in 1.2

DUMBEST CHARACTER(-1 point) - Sawyer, for not shooting the Marshall in the head. That boy shure is dumb. Michael gets it for 1.4 as for no reason at all he decides to go into the jungle to hunt wild boar, even when he knows there's a monster in there and he has a son to look after.

FUNNIEST CHARACTER (1 point) - Hurley is GREAT and always makes me smile. I'll give Charlie it for 1.4

M.I.A. (-1 point) - Whoops, the first non appearance of the series! Jin was nowhere to be seen in 1.4. A bad sign to be sure.

Lost Character League Table

1 - KATE: 3 - Kate's this weeks leader, mainly because of 1.3 and she's hot.

2 - HURLEY: 2 - Purely because he's funny.

3 - JACK: 1 - The lead character, but suprisingly 3rd.

4 - CHARLIE: 1 - Charlies great, but hasn't managed to collect many points yet.

5 - LOCKE: 1 - My new fave character. He's Bonkers
Shannon - Annoying, but hot

6 - SHANNON: 0 - Shannon is dumb and hot, which is usually good. but give's her zero. Her hottness points will start to build soon though.

7 - SUN: 0 - Hasn't really done much good or bad.

8 - BOONE: 0 - Ditto.

9 - SAYID: 0 - Actually a very good character, but isn't scoring because of the awards.

10 - WALT: 0 - See Sun/Boone

11 - CLAIRE: 0 - Ditto

12 - MICHAEL: -1 - Mike's been a bit stupid and ignored recently.

13 - SAWYER: -1 - For his lame ass 'killing' of the marshal.

14 - JIN: -1 - The first character not to appear! My fave for relegation.

Double-sized Fanzone! - Genuine comments from various message boards

Fan 1: 'Having living trees in this thing will be just a little bit too "LOTR"s. Not to mention the fact they already have a Hobbit. MY THEORY: Heres what I know so far: The pilot said they were a thousand miles off course. They were going from Australia to LA. Someone else had been on the island before and had sent out an SOS statng that an "it" had killed the rest of her companions, all of it happening sixteen years before the crash. The pilot was not only pulled out of the plane, but was also "dropped" off on some branchs at about the same height. So whatever this thing is could very well fly??? He didn't look like he'd been eaten, just mangled up. What remains the biggest mystery is this: WHAT CAUSED THE PLANE TO CRASH AND BREAK UP IN MID AIR? Why did they divert a thousand miles off course. One idea could be something big happening in the civilized world, like WW3 or something. Ya never know... '

Fan 2: 'I tell ya I'm still sticking with the Hollow Earth theory for this show. The show revealed another supportive hint on Wednesday's show. They said the plane was about 1,000 miles off course when the instruments went bonkers....from Sydney, Australia, that would just about put them at the magnetic south pole, which is about where flight instruments would go nuts! I didn't see the whole first episode of Lost, but when the polar bear showed up, my mind immediately went to an old book that by today's standards is a totally laughable, implausable theory. The book was called "The Hollow Earth." The book theorized that the earth, at it's true magnetic poles, is essentially hollow, and if you could ever actually reach the true pole, you would find a jungle-like, tropical environment cut off from the rest of the earth's surface, and surrounded by - no surprise here - melting polar ice (water). What's that leave? An inverse island! The author defended his theory by suggesting there's a reason why planes can't fly directly over the poles - their directional instruments deceive them into thinking they know where the actual magnetic pole, when in fact, any attempt to try would cause instruments to go crazy. If there are other survivor's on Lost's so-called island, they would just be people trapped from other planes (etc.) that can't escape, either, because of the magnetics/instrument problem. I'm not saying this clears up the mystery of "Lost," but if it is, nice try, ABC. Just to follow up, an island concealed and contained by magnetic interference could conceal more than people, of course. It also sets up the idea for prehistoric creatures to still exist, or just about anything, cut off from the rest of inhabited earth. Yes, I know it's absurd to think that today's orbiting satellites wouldn't put this whole theory to shame. Guess that's a plot hole the writers for ABC would have to write around somehow.'

Fan 3: 'surprised no one mention how very pregnant Claire looked last night and the issues that come with it 1)Shouldn't a doctor or the airline restrict her travel? She looks ready to give birth very soon? So how in the hell did she get onboard that plane? 2)Next her baby is coming, so besides breast feeding how is they gonna raised a kid on this desert island? Is it gonna be Blue Lagoon style? A question not related above, why is the 1st scouting group keeping the ploar bear a secret? The french lady voice thing I understand but the polar bear thing is just weird. Plus, who thinks Locke isn't evil but crazy?'

Fan 4: 'When I first heard about this show...I wondered how they were gonna be able to keep this thing fresh week-to-week. I mean...after you get Food, Shelter and Clothing taken care of...there's not much to do but sit around and wait for rescue. I love that the flashbacks (like Kate's tonight) allow us to get away momentarily from the pickle the survivors are in at the present. I guess thinking the show would just be "stuck" in one location bothered me. Now that I realize other locations will be utilized, I'm more intrigued by the show's direction. It took wacky "dream sequences" to get Gilligan and Co. off their island prison once the writers ran out of ideas. Imagine if they could of had episodes where Mary Anne or The Professor flashed back to what she was doing before she got stranded. LOL!! Bring on more flashbacks, baby!'

Fan 5: 'I like television a lot. I can not remember the last time I was upset that an episode was over and I'd have to wait a week to see another. Maybe 24, but it didn't feel like this. These have been three of the finest hours of television ever crafted. I just hope the explanation doesn't turn out to be too convoluted. Keep it simple, keep it tenseful, keep it about the characters. And also, as a lover of quality television, as a gentleman and a scholar, as a supporter of the arts, nothing would make me happier than seeing the Asian and the Outlaw have lesbian sex. Also, if the tree crushing thing was a magical dragon who could rap.'

Fan 6: 'I finally got around to watching my DVR'ed version of this and Locke is a very intriguing character, but he also provides a decent lens to look at the whole premise of the show through. He went on the trip expecting to have a very empowering experience to compensate for his handicap. After the crash, he woke up with use of his legs. He, himself, described it as a miracle. And to be able to throw a knife with such precision, while certainly possible for a person in a wheelchair, would be much more difficult while balancing on two legs for the first time. Many on the island have referred to the forest as "magical" on several occassions, which got me thinking. There sure were a LOT of survivors for a plane crash. I think jello1235 and Jack Burton are on to something. What if the island is really some sort of afterlife and we aren't really looking at the survivors of the plane crash at all, but the perished. What if the island is kind of a waiting room or limbo and the people on it are there because they have issues to resolve before they can "move on" to wherever it is they ultimately need to go? Look at Kate. She was a criminal but one of her last acts before boarding the plane was to selflessly save someone else. Maybe she's being given the opportunity in this cosmic reality-show-type setting to determine her ultimate post-mortem disposition. Maybe they all have. Didn't that recorded voice keep saying "all dead" or something like that? I don't really know, but I love the show. It's very cleverly written and plays a lot like what I think a Survivor type show should really be all about. I'll keep watching until they reveal the creatures in the woods to be M. Night Shyamalan's Village elders.'

Fan 7: 'Evangeline Lilly who plays the hottie-hero Kate on the show was on Jimmy Kimmel the other night and gave out some interesting tidbits. First of all, to get an idea of how slowly this show plans on revealing key facts about the island's survivors, evnen Lilly herself DOES NOT KNOW what Kate did to get herself into those handcuffs. She has asked for some clues from the producers to help her better play her scenes (Did she kill someone or just rob someone? Was she framed?) and the producers won't tell her...they say they know...but they ain't tellin. So, don't look for any more revelations about Kate's backstory for the rest of THIS season. She also hinted that the creature is NOT just a larger polar bear. (BTW...A giraffe...that roars? C'mon, man!) Funny enough...This is Evangeline's first speaking role on television ever! She had a gig as a "Vanna White" product model on a QVC type network in Canada. That's it. I think she gives a stunning performance for a first time actress. And...she's quite the hottie!'

Fan 8: 'Yeah, quoting the Comic Book Guy is old and lame, but so am I, okay. I think it's amazing that this series started out great and then improved. The Colonel Locke ep really was incredible. And there's no way they could have anticipated it, but this story about a wheelchair bound man regaining the ability to walk had so much more emotional resonance following so immediately on the passing of Christopher Reeve, who we all wanted to see do the same thing. ***** Since my real name's Randall I'm loving the cliche that for some reason characters named "Randy" are always evil. Remember Randy the bully from Pee Wee's Playhouse? Or Phil Hartman as Randy who kidnapped Harry on the Third Rock cliff-hanger? I don't remember all the examples, but there have been more. Randys are always the bad guy, but hassling a wheelchair guy about his hopes and aspirations is a new low. ***** I'm not buying into the various skiffy theories. I don't think an entire series will be built on a resolve that would barely make one good TOS or Twilight Zone ep. However, I read someone ask about how, if these survivors are dead, in purgatory and awaiting their final destination boarding, then what about the bodies in the plane, the 'actual' dead. Well, are you familiar with the "Left Behind" book series? (PAX is making it into a TV series for next year, so you will be.) The 'actual dead', the bodies... They went to Heaven. Everyone else... not. I don't believe that's where they're going with this, it's just an easy answer to that one question. ***** My simple question is this: how many survivors are left? We were told going in that there were "forty-eight". Then we lost walk-into-the-jet guy, the pilot and Marshal Shrapnel guy. Was the "48" from the pre-show hype, meaning we're now down to 45, or did someone in the pilot count 48, which would mean since they didn't know about the pilot in the cockpit being alive, there were actually 49 and we're now down to 46? ***** Also, DID Colonel Locke kill the boar? He was blood soaked when he dragged it in and met Jack, later Dad guy said "good job" and Locke shrugged it off. He didn't take credit for the kill. Is it possible the Monster In The Woods (aka the thing that kills pilots and leaves their bodies hanging in trees) killed the boar? ***** Colonel Locke may well be a nut case, but he sure knows how to throw a knife. Unless, like Jack joked, he actually missed who he was aiming at. (Great joke, but still not as funny as "my babysitter joined the witness relocation program".)'

Fan 9: 'We have only seen TWO back stories so far, correct? Kate and Locke. People on this talkback have thought that maybe the passengers on the plane were chosen to be there by.... someone or something. With both Kate and Locke, neither of them CHOSE to be on this flight. Locke had to return because he was rejected for the walkabout. Kate had to go because she was under arrest. The two characters who did choose to be on the flight, the pilot (for obvious reasons) and the US Marshall (I presume he bought the tickets for himself and Kate), what happened to them? They're dead. I also haven't seen any of the other flight staff among the survivors. No flight attendents or co-pilots. Did I miss them?Not really sure if this has anything to do with anything, but I thought it an awful strange coincidence. If the focus of the next episode w/major flashbacks also ended up on this flight by forces out of their control and not by choice then maybe we'll have something.'

Fan 10: 'Tonight's episode was amazing. Great. I Loved every single second. This shoe rocks.'

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