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1.5: White Rabbit

By demand, Kate in her underwear again - no.3

From the very first episode, Jack has been positioned to be the hero, the leader of the people. He's a doctor, a saver of lives, used to power and responsibility and a general all round good guy. What's fascinating is that he wants none of it. He's rejecting the role forced upon him by circumstances and the writers. This is a good thing as there's nothing worse than a superman who knows everything about everything.

So, this episode, as he chases after old demons that won't die, is where he turns the corner and accepts the role. Near the start, after the failed attempt to save the mystery woman at sea, Boone turns on Jack, basically taking the reverse attitude. Why are you the designated leader? Who are you to say what happens. Questions that Jacks been asking himself since they crashed (6 days ago apparently? I thought they would have had more time pass. If they keep this time line up the whole season, only a month will have passed).

Jacks dead father, who is always just out of reach, is very effective and creepy. It reminded me of the Ring films where the ghost is always standing with their back to you. Really, the whole A plot is just a chase story as Jack hunts his hallucination. Of course, this being Lost, Locke offers him perfectly sane advice. It can't be a ghost, because they don't exist. But this is the island. Anything goes, and the episode is careful enough not to shine too much light on Jacks father, keeping the suspense and tension for the hour.

Through flashbacks (which seem to be going further and further back - what's next? Jacks grandfather in the war?), we learn that Jacks self confidence took a battering (literally sometimes) by his father, who he had what can only be called a strained relationship. The ice in the glass was a lovely touch, possibly harking back to his own glass on the plane before the crash.

We learn that Jack was travelling with the body of his father on the plane. Or was he? We never saw the end of the conversation with the airline staff. Was that his fathers coffin or someone else's? Of course, the body was missing. Very Cute and just enough leeway on either side of the argument for whether it was Jacks father or not.

In all honesty, I question whether this story will hold up on repeated viewings, especially as questions are answered in the future (I trust). But for now, the execution, the imagery and in particular the music as jack entered the cave to find the doll in the water was excellent.

As for the B plot, the campers run out of water, fingers are pointed, Boone admits it and Jack solves it at the end. It wasn't bad, but certainly the least interesting filler plot I've seen so far. Special mention must go out to Locke with his cryptic comments about seeing the eye of the island. I'm convinced once I know the answers, I'll be disappointed, but for now I love this mysterious twin peaks-esque material.

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Season Rating so far = 21/25
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Only two awards this week. I think thats a good sign as it means all the characters are behaving true to themselves and not annoying me.

WINNER OF THE WEEK (1 point) - Jack

LOSER OF THE WEEK (-1 point) - Michael: barely showed in the ep.

HOTTEST CHARACTER (1 point) - No one this week I'm afraid

DUMBEST CHARACTER(-1 point) - I'm tempted to give it to Boone for stealing the water, but he really just selfish. No one gets it this week.

FUNNIEST CHARACTER (1 point) - Again, not many chuckles this episode. Nobody.

M.I.A. (-1 point) - everybody (just) made an appearance this week

Lost Character League Table

1 - KATE: 3 - still in the lead, but no bikini shots so no hot points.

2 - JACK: 2 - Moves up to joint 2nd with a very strong ep.

5 - LOCKE: 1 - Still my fave.

2 - HURLEY: 2 - quiet this week

4 - CHARLIE: 1 - nice bonding with Claire

6 - SHANNON: 0 - Annoying. Still

7 - SUN: 0 - Hasn't really done much good or bad.

8 - BOONE: 0 - quite a bit of action this week, but no pints

9 - SAYID: 0 - Actually a very good character, but isn't scoring because of the awards.

10 - WALT: 0 - See Sun

11 - CLAIRE: 0 - Ditto

12 - MICHAEL: -1 - ditto

13 - SAWYER: -1 - ditto

14 - JIN: -1 - ditto

Fanzone! - Genuine comments from various message boards

Fan 1: 'The writers are intentionally straddling the line between fantasy and reality, and, most importantly, between what you're literally seeing verses what you're assuming...For example: In Kate's story, it looks like she's a murderer on the run from the law and was being pursued by law enforcement. But that's what it SEEMS to be -- it was never stated what she was on the run for, who was chasing her, and the ambiguous nature of their relationship. In Locke's episode, most viewers assume that he was a cripple miraculously healed by the island. But Locke could have been a crazy man who -- due to a mental trauma -- thought he was a cripple, and lived his life as an invalid for who knows how long. His boss hinted that something might have been fishy with Locke's history that he had told others. And now Jack's story: We were never shown or told definitively that his dad's coffin was put on the plane. Jack might have been told by the check-in woman that she would do what she could to put his dad's coffin on the plane but there was no guarantee -- it might have to arrive on the next flight instead. Jack might have boarded the plane without knowing for sure his father was put on board. The coffin might have been an empty model on its way to LAX for another person/reason.'

Fan 2: 'Okay, here are some questions I had after watching the latest episode: 1. Where exactly did Sawyer get that badge? (The one he gave to Kate.) And did he imply that he and Kate knew each other before the plane crash or was that just my distracted imagination? 2. Where did Jack find his dad's coffin? Was that part of the wreckage from the midsection, just a little further off into the woods, or was it part of the front section near the cockpit, or was it the until-now-unseen tail-end section of the crashed plane? 3. When Jack discovers that his father's body is missing from the coffin, he takes a bat and starts smashing the coffin to pieces in a fury of frustration. There's then a wide shot of the trees and the sound of the smashing which to me was eerily similar to the "monster shots" -- it was a smaller version of the scenes of trees moving and mechanical crushing sounds whenever the Giant Thing is glimpsed. Just my over-active imagination or another clue? 4. Locke is fast becoming my favorite character. I pray they never kill him off. He's like a wiseman character. He's the only one who apparently has seen what the Giant Monster Thing looks like (from the Walkabout episode) and lived to tell about it -- or in his case NOT tell about it. When he tells Jack that "he's looked into the eye of this island and it's beautiful" I couldn't help but wonder if he was talking about that Thing. 5. Speaking of Locke -- in the pilot episode he shows the kid that game he was playing and holds up a black piece and a white piece and says that everything has a light side and a dark side. Then in the next episode when he finds the dog, he came across as such a noble character, but then as other people have pointed out, the very last shot of the episode showed Locke looking at the boy reunited happily with his dog and Locke had a scowl on his face. It sent shivers down my spine. After the last two episodes, Locke seems like one of the "good guys" and I love his character, but I'm sure there's still more to him than meets the eye. I love this show.'

Fan 3: ' Does anyone else think Boone and Shannon are a variation of the Prodical Son? Shannon being the spoiled selfish sibling who never does anything right and yet is forgiven, and Boone being the older more responsible sibling who is just bursting with resentment that he doesn't get credit for being the better person. Boone's little "I own a business" comment just sent warning bells off. We think he's the better sibling, but it's always the ones who have something to prove who get led astray. ********************** Okay, the Korean guy was in a plane related flashback! Since he is Sun's husband, I assume they didn't meet after the crash. I still think he speaks at least some English, but I guess Sun doesn't. For the record: we still haven't actually seen Sayid, Sawyer, Hurley, or Claire on the plane or at the airport. At this point, Sawyer is the one who I find the most suspicious, but Hurley's absence from all other flashbacks is very curious. ********************* What happened to Mother Abigail...er...the nice old lady who thinks her husband is still alive? And will they get someone like James Earl Jones to play him in a flashback? *********************** So, Jack wasn't happy to be on the plane, and neither were Kate or Locke. Interesting theme we're getting here. But what did Jack do that sent his dad to Australia? His mom said something to that effect. Was it malpractice? Whistle blower? How long do we have to wait before Jack gets another episode? *************************** I really don't know what this Island is, but I tend to think it's not a supernatural place like Eden or Purgatory. I think thematically it might be one of those, but not literally. Maybe they flew so high they went up a level of the Dark Tower?'

Fan 4: 'Kudos to the makers of "Lost" for creating such a great character as "Jack", by far the most three-dimentional character in a series of great characters. And the choice of Matthew Fox to play "Jack" looks more and more inspired each week. There are very few actors working on the big or small screen today who have the acting chops to pull off what Matthew Fox was able to do with last night's episode. He had at least four scenes last night (with his father, at the airport, at the morgue, and at the fountain spring) that would have made a lesser actor shrink in fear. Fox pulled them all off with amazing aplomb. All of them had the potential to be played too showy, or over the top, but Fox played each with a subtle brilliance. Very few actor have the ability to "go there". I can't remember the last time I felt "touched" by a TV show, let alone four times. As a medium, I don't expect much from TV, but Lost, and especially Matthew Fox's work, have touched this jaded and skeptical heart. I hope he is remembered come Emmy time. I'd like to get to know some of the other characters, but I hope Lost will eventually focus most heavily on the characters of Jack and Locke.'

Fan 5: '1) Could this be "The Prisoner". you know Number #6 (Patrick Mcgregegsgfj 2) I think the secrets of LOST will ultimately be disapointing as the pace of story advancement seems on par with that of a soap opera stretching a hospital stay on for 6 months.... 3) Sad but I do not know if this show has any redeaming legs to run on after the "lost on a strange island" premise wears off for the viewer..'

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