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  Lost Reviews, Vol #1 Issue #6

1.6: House of the Rising Sun

By demand, Kate in her underwear again - no.3

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If Lost has one crutch, one weakness that is starting to be come more apparent, it is the flashback (FB for short to save my fingers). Or rather the use of the flashback as a space filler.

The A plot was Sunís FB as we learn that she is married to Jin, but ultimately wanted to run away when she suspects he is a killer for her father. This is all interesting stuff, but itís the sort of annoying FB that raises more questions than answers. Who is her father? Is he a Criminal Lord judging by the mansion she is living in? Just a Butcher? We donít know, because we never meet him. And as for Jin. Heís still a blank.

The main problem I have here is that if you show us a FB, then have it affect the present. I fully expected Sun to walk away from Jin, but no, sheís still the rather pathetic sad character. Iím sure some point down the line she will turn, but for now thereís no progress. The Ďboneí thatís chucked at the viewer is the fact she can speak English. Unfortunately, I read about this before the episode (one of the few spoilers to get through my defences) and itís impact was nil.

Ultimately, Suns FB was very similar to Kateís. I donít feel Iíve learned anything special, but more damaging, neither has she.

The B Plot has the gang seceding whether to move to the Cave Jack found last week or stay on the beach. The camp is now divided into two. This is quite interesting, but the execution was poor. Because we donít know how far away the cave is, itís hard to see why they donít just have a rota for people staying on the beach. Surely thatís possible to organise. Plus the reasons for not going were vague and weak, especially Kate. This Ďthingí sheís running away from in her life is beginning to look like it will never live up the build up.

Still 2 camps, with Jack in the cave and Kate on the beach. I wonder how long before the first fights over territory starts.

Finally, Locke and Charlie bonding was a nice scene. Locke is so nice and helpful to everyone, yet we knooooooow he is evil. Iím glad the drug taking was knocked on the head, though the detox might come soon.

So, a disappointing episode. Iím tempted to give it an extra star for Kate in her underwear, but I canít honestly do it.

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Season Rating so far = 23/30
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WINNER OF THE WEEK (1 point) - Sun

LOSER OF THE WEEK (-1 point) - Michael is so unlucky. Out of all the watches to pick up and it's Jin's

HOTTEST CHARACTER (1 point) - Kate in her bra - nice

DUMBEST CHARACTER(-1 point) - Charlie, for the bee hive.

FUNNIEST CHARACTER (1 point) - Charlie for the bee hive

M.I.A. (-1 point) - well I never. Quite a few no shows. In no particular order: Shannon, Boone and Claire.

Lost Character League Table

1 - KATE: 4 - Gets a point for the bra

2 - JACK: 2 - No move

3 - LOCKE: 1 - no move

4 - HURLEY: 2 - quiet this week

5 - CHARLIE: 1 - loses a point and gains a point, so no move

6 - SUN: 1 - Episode devoted to her! Moves up one

7 - SAYID: 0 - No move

8 - WALT: 0 - No move

9 - SHANNON: -1 - MIA!

10 - BOONE: -1 - MIA!

11 - CLAIRE: -1 - MIA!

12 - SAWYER: -1 - No move

13 - JIN: -1 - No move

14 - MICHAEL: -2 - Yet another unlucky or dumb award! Incredibly, he's bottom of the pile. The writers have it in for this guy

Fanzone! - Genuine comments from various message boards

Fan 1: 'Okay here what I think. Locke is still creepy and I don't care if he can walk I think the guy is gonna be evil. Nothing is free in life and Locke and the island knows this. -------- The split in the group isn't so much of a split it seems. I'm willing to bet that both groups will still communicate and will share food, water, and stuff. ------- Jin is still an asshole! He knew his wife was gonna leave him and decide to give her those flowers to make her stayed. Also Jin ALREADY had an attitude BEFORE he went to talk to Sun father and it even shocked her. But she blew it off and Jin played it off! Take this into question. If all of Jin actions WERE because he worked for Sun fathers and became corrupt. Then why does he STILL insists on telling Sun what to do? And why now on an island AWAY from the mob(supposedly) is he still an asshole and not happy? Why did he beat up a father over a watch that belonged to a father-in-law "that some believe" he hated? My answer is simple and probably wrong. I just believe Jin was always controlling and abusive. Those things are never picked up so easily unless you done it before! Just my 2 cents. '

Fan 2: 'Was Sun's father one of the dead? If his watch was so precious, why was it on the plane and he wasn't? I thought that was odd. Also, it was strongly implied that Sun's dad was like a gangster or something, and Jin became a hit man for him...and yet it wasn't said outright. I don't dare trust my assumptions while watching this show. Maybe she's the daughter of Kim Jong Il! Anyway, I really like that in order for Jin to be with her, he became something she doesn't love (or at least fears), and she seems to realize that and feels guilty for it. *************************** Jack might be gay? Hmmm. I doubt it because that would solve the love triangle that's developing with Jack, Kate, and Sayid. Unless Jack puts the moves on Sayid and Kate turns vengeful. We don't know all she's capable of yet. ******************* So far, I don't think anyone in the flashbacks was very happy to be getting on that flight--and that's without knowing it was going to crash. Interesting, no? ********************* Scratch my Walter is Prospero (or Anthony) theory. If he was going to zap someone into the Cornfield, he'd have done it when Jin pushed him down. ******************** We haven't seen Claire, Hurley, Sawyer, or Sayid either on the plane or bording the plane in a flashback. Of those four, the only one who doesn't have an upcoming episode so far is Hurley. Hmmmm.'

Fan 3: 'I agree, last night's ep wasn't the strongest in terms of storyline - however, I really think there was a lot of clue groundwork laid.///// The black and white stones on the old bodies intrigued me - in the Bible, that's how the old Israel priests determined guilt or innocence - reaching blind into a bag for a black or white stone. Black=guilty, white=innocent. That intrigues me, and makes me th ink they bodies were there before the French chick's plane hit.///// I loved that the lady spoke English - though I'm a little curious about what exactly she told the black guy. (I have a bitch of a time remembering character names, for some reason.)////Keep wondering why exactly the Korean lady decided to go back with him when she was so close to freedom. But I've never understood that in abusive relationships.////And am I the only one that's starting to love Sawyer to bits? He's not been showcased a LOT, but he's fascinating me as a character. Doesn't hurt that he's quite handsome, too. *smiles*////And the tribes have split...when do we start eliminating people? "The tribe has spoken."////Locke's character intrigues me to no end, too. I wasn't sure in the beginning if he's good or bad ... I'm STILL not. But I think he knows more than he lets on.////My only gripe so far is the episode style is getting a bit formulaic...angst on island/flashback/angst/flashback/resolution. You know?////What ARE Jack's tattoos? And what is the Beatles line on Charlie's tats?'

Fan 4: 'Watch Jack's episode again and listen carefully to the dialogue between Jack and his mother. Jack's homosexuality would most likely have been the source of angst between him and his father. The fact that this last episode had Kate coming onto him rather blatantly (which felt a bit surprising for the producers to do) may be another hint.'

Fan 5: 'Best show since Angel... Umm.... Kate is fucking hot and one can def. see the similarities between her and Jennifer Garner....mmmm to be in a sandwich with those two. J.J. Abrams and Joss Whedon are gold!Gold I tell ya!'

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